About Coaching

Definition of Certified Coach

The Global Guild of Certified Coaches defines CERTIFIED* coach as a coach who is in the process of completion or has completed a minimum of a recognized foundational coach skills training with a skills certification from an accrediting body such as ICF, ICF accredited coach training organizations, or the equivalent (see below, list may be incomplete and expanded over time)! 
ICF's formal ACC, PCC or MCC credential is not mandatory to join, but the Guild recommends that coaches continue to develop their skills, and therefore aim for these type of higher credentials!
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What Is Coaching

Coaching is a symbiotic relationship between coaches and clients. Just like high performance athletes need coaches in order to reach their full potential, so do many individuals, business owners, and executives. Coaching helps people and businesses to reach their full potential through insight, support, and guidance. Coaches can look at situations objectively and help clients find clarity and direction. Ultimately, the skills and strategies utilized by coaches help people grow and succeed in their lives, businesses, and careers.

Is Coaching Right For You

There are many situations when an individual or company might benefit from hiring a coach. But is coaching right for you? That depends on the level of your performance and unique challenges you currently face. For example, are you looking to gain a richer relationship with your aging parents, enhance communication with loved ones, or improve your health? Those are situations where a Life Coach can be especially helpful. Individuals looking for personal or professional growth can find help with a Certified Coach.

When is it Advised to Hire a Coach

It can be difficult to differentiate between situations where it is appropriate to hire a coach and when it is not. Below are several situations where hiring a coach can lead to positive personal and professional growth:
  • When trying to reach a personal goal
  • When trying to improve relationships
  • When looking to improve work performance
  • When looking to ease a career transition
  • When looking to overcome a stressful situation
  • When looking to grow a business
  • When working to become a leader

Coaching Costs

Each coach charges their own individual rates for services. Rates vary based on experience and region. You can ask a coach about their specific rates through chat or by sending a request

Life Coaching

Life Coaches use tools from a variety of different disciplines including career counseling, sociology, and psychology. Life Coaches help to provide guidance to clients so that they can pursue their personal goals— such as having a better relationship with a spouse or reaching a developmental goal. Life Coaches help to empower their clients to lead more effective, more fulfilling lives. Continue...

Career Coaching

Career Coaches specialize in helping individuals overcome the challenges of employment. Perhaps you are looking to overcome career anxiety, to hone your career plan, or to move smoothly through a career transition. Career Coaches are equipped to help clients develop better skills, clarity and direction. Career coaching is for individuals looking to reach their professional goals by finding the self-empowerment to take their careers to the next level. Continue...

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaches specialize in helping individuals who are moving up the corporate ladder into managerial roles. Moving into a leadership role can be intimidating, but with the right support, it can be done to ensure quality results. Executive Coaches help individuals enhance their job performance to move smoothly into a leadership role. Continue...

Business Coaching

Business Coaches guide business owners through the process of growing and improving their business. Often times, business owners are too engrossed in their work to recognize opportunities for individual and/or company growth and improvement. Businesses can improve management, marketing, and sales with the help of a certified Business Coach. Company performance starts with the leader, and optimum performance is just a coach away. Continue...

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