The Global Guild of

Certified Coaches!


Who We Are and Who We Serve

The Global Guild of Certified Coaches (GGCC) is an international trade association formed to:
  • Be a high-end resource for coaching clients to connect with credentialed professional coaches!
  • Set credentialed coaches apart from imposters!
  • Increase awareness, understanding and impact of professional life, career, business and executive coaching!
  • Enhance, unify, and develop the global coaching industry!
  • Assist credentialed coaches to further sustainable growth with their clients!
  • Provide business development training and a client referral system for credentialed coaches!
  • Assist professional coaches to chose the perfect training and continuing education path!
Most of the services mentioned above are provided through GGCC's exclusive and high-end coach referral portal - an exclusive search platform to connect with credentialed coaches!

Our Mission

The coaching industry is unregulated and everyone can claim to be a coach. The Global Guild of Certified Coaches was founded to help coaching clients find and connect with qualified professional coaches!
The Guild's mission is to advance the success of coaching clients, of certified coaches, of coach training organizations and other respected trade associations such as ICFBy doing so, coaching clients are protected and can expect to work with highly skilled professional coaches who know how to lead clients through times of crisis, transition and change, and who are skilled to create sustainable results through coaching. 
The Global Guild of Certified Coaches recommends that coaching clients avoid hiring self-proclaimed coaches who refuse to put themselves through a minimum of trade specific education, training, supervision, mentoring and certification, such as: foundational coaching skills, and advanced competencies' training.
Self-proclaimed "coaches" who choose not to undergo "coach skills training" may be successful with whatever process they use to further a client, however, not having been trained in coaching skills states the fact that they don't know what they don't know!

If You Are Looking for a Coach

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If You Are a Certified Coach and Would like to Join

  1. Review Requirements to join!
  2. Register if you fulfill the requirements!

The Guild's educational and coach referral services are FREE!

Individuals and Organizations who are looking to hire a professional coach can educate themselves about coaches and coaching, and browse professional coach profiles via the Guild's free referral platform
The Global Guild of Certified Coaches does not get involved in the coach hiring process, the coaching process, nor does the Guild take a commission from the client or the coach!

Prerequisites for coaches to join the Guild's referral system

Coaches who wish to join have to be certified* in foundational coaching skills, or be enrolled in a globally recognized coach certification program. To activate their profile and be "verified" as certified they have to upload a PDF or JPG of their coach certification. Until acceptable coaching certification is submitted the coach profile is set to "verification in progress" reserves the right to delete coach profiles that cannot be "verified" as certified. For more information review Coach Requirements to join the Guild's referral system!

Our Definition of a Certified* Coach

The Guild defines CERTIFIED* coach as a coach who is in the process of completion or has completed a minimum of recognized foundational coach skills training with a skills certification from an accrediting body such as ICF, ICF accredited coach training organizations, or the equivalent (see below, list may be incomplete and expanded over time)!
ICF's formal ACC, PCC or MCC credential is not mandatory to join the Guild or, but the Guild recommends that coaches continue to develop their skills, and therefore aim for these types of higher credentials!
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