Remaining Committed To Your Goals Is A Process

There’s a saying that everyone wants to emulate the outcome, but nobody wants to emulate the process. That’s because everyone sees the positive outcome—the new business that is exploding onto the scene, the star athlete winning accolades, the prized student winning awards and academic scholarships. But very few people see the process, the hard work, [...]

The Importance of Finding a Fulfilling Career

When we think of finding the right career, too many people think about a career that is high paying. Instead, we should be thinking about careers that are fulfilling. If you don’t enjoy what you are doing, then no amount of money can change that, and you’ll never truly be satisfied with your job. But [...]

Don’t Let Other People’s Negative Energy Hold You Back

Have you ever been around someone who is profoundly negative? Have you ever been talking about your goals, your hopes and dreams, only to have someone you thought was your friend shoot you down? If so, you have been a victim of negative energy. Have you ever heard about how smiles are contagious? How if [...]

How to Avoid Becoming One of the Seven Strugglers

It takes a lot of time, effort, and money to become a professional coach. It is a profession that takes work to succeed at, especially when it comes to growing your practice and expanding your coaching skills. Becoming a coach isn’t easy, and there are plenty of ways that you can end up wasting your [...]

Good Intentions and Good Results Are Different Things

Everyone starts in the coaching business with good intentions. Everyone wants to succeed and grow their coaching practice, and everyone wants to help people. That’s the easy part. If good intentions were all it took to become successful, then there would be a lot more successful coaches out there making money expanding their practices. So [...]