How Historical Figures Can Help You Live Your Best Life

Sometimes, taking a look backward can help you figure out the best way forward. When we think of looking back, typically we are looking back at our own lives. That means looking at situations we could have handled better, and considering what we’d do now with more wisdom and insight. That can be a useful process, especially if you have a critical life decision coming up. But something else that you can do is take a look at how some major historical figures lived their lives and overcame obstacles. These people can provide inspiration even long after they have lived their lives. Here’s how.

Think About What Your Goals Are

Thinking about what your goals are can help put things in context. For example, let’s say that you want to change careers, learn a new skill, or take a risk. You can look back on the life of a risk taking entrepreneur and inventor like Steve Jobs. He was able to find inspiration in design in everyday things, and he constantly pushed himself to produce the simple and intuitive designs for Apple. What are your goals? Think about what you are trying to do in your life, and then you can find someone in history who was facing a similar challenge. Their challenge might have been on a grander scale, but you can still relate to it nonetheless. For us a Life Coach might offer the guidance we need.

Take A Look Back At Some Of The Obstacles Historical Figures Have Overcome

Think about some of the obstacles that historical figures had to overcome. Martin Luther King had to fight against racism and push the country forward on a positive path. President Roosevelt overcame a fractured US government to help the country come together during the Great Depression, helping to produce new social support systems that still exist today.What is often not talked about is that these historical figures had mentors and coaches of their own.

Who are some historical leaders that you look up to? What challenges did they face in their efforts to reach their ultimate goals? Everyone has challenges and difficulties on their journey, the difference is these leaders had an indomitable resolve and refused to quit when things got tough. There are some effective coaching methods that you could employ to assist you with your life goals.

What Lessons Can You Impart On Your Own Life?

Nobody is asking you to become President or to lead the Civil Rights movement. But you can use the challenges that historical figures have overcome as an inspiration throughout your life. Looking at the goals that these people achieved can help you put your own goals in context—if they can achieve such lofty, previously perceived as unattainable goals, then you can reach yours as well.

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Regina Fasold, PCC
Executive Coach

Regina Fasold is a seasoned Executive Coach and Leadership Expert. Her extensive professional background and her 10+ years of experience as a Global Executive Coach have allowed her to assist over 300 senior executives in corporations throughout the United States and in over 25 countries around the world.

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