How Meditation Improves Your Productivity

More people than ever are using meditation in order to ease their minds, rejuvenate their body, and to boost their productivity. Balancing work and life can be quite stressful, and sometimes it can lead to undesired results, such as burnout or reduced productivity. Meditation has become popular in the west as a new way to ease stress, and is often practiced with yoga to promote wellness. Meditation isn’t about religion, so even if you aren’t spiritually inclined, you can still get the benefits of learning how to control your breathing and manage your emotions. Here are some of the ways that meditation will improve your productivity:

1. Meditation is like lifting weights for your brain

When you think of lifting weights, you visualize your muscles getting stronger. If you have lifted for an extended period of time before, you can probably remember improving your endurance too. Meditation is just like lifting weights, except you are doing it for your brain. Meditation allows you to focus and see details that you otherwise might have missed. It allows you to focus for longer. And it allows you to see distractions when they come so that you can put them out of your mind.

2. You will feel more calm

It is easy to get overstressed in work or in your life in general. Having a project with a strict due date can be stressful. Having relationship issues with your spouse can be stressful. Even everyday life issues such as paying bills can be stressful. Too much stress can burn you out at work or even cause health problems such as high blood pressure. Meditation can make you feel more calm, and by improving your feeling of calm, you can more easily deal with stressful situations. What got you uptight or feeling uncomfortable before will be more easily dealt with.

3. You will be able to better manage your emotions

We might not like to think of ourselves as such, but human beings are emotional creatures. As emotional beings, we might let a feeling, such as anger, or sadness, cloud our judgement. In a work environment, having emotions cloud your judgement can lead to adverse work outcomes. You want to be able to make level headed, logical decisions as much as possible. Meditation helps you to better manage your feelings so that you can recognize when you are acting emotionally. Understanding your emotions is the first step to having better control over them.

Regina Fasold, PCC
Executive Coach

Regina Fasold is a seasoned Executive Coach and Leadership Expert. Her extensive professional background and her 10+ years of experience as a Global Executive Coach have allowed her to assist over 300 senior executives in corporations throughout the United States and in over 25 countries around the world.

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