How You Can Start Living In The Moment

Planning for the future can be exciting. Making an effort to better yourself for tomorrow is a great way to set yourself up for success. But continually making future plans can backfire if you don’t set aside some time to live in the moment. Future plans can be grand. Perhaps you want to go back to school and get another degree. Maybe you want to change careers. These types of goals take a significant amount of time, and you have to be prepared to put in the work and planning for months or even years. Yet there are some people who forget to live in the moment, and find themselves feeling unfulfilled as a result. It is possible to be reaching towards a goal that you set while still feeling that you aren’t getting the most out of your life. What does living in the moment mean, and how can we strive to do more of it?

Planning For The Future Is Important, But Don’t Forget To Live For Today

Let’s set one thing straight: we aren’t saying that you shouldn’t plan for the future. Those that plan for success and put in the work more often find that their dreams are realized. You are better off for making plans and following through with them. The point is that in the pursuit of those goals, you shouldn’t forget to live for the now. That means going out with your friends, or enjoying a sporting event. Taking the time to read a book you enjoy, or spending some money on that trip that you always wanted to take. When you don’t live in the moment, and are singularly focused on the future, it can be relatively easy to get burnt out, or even to feel resentful. You might feel that the pursuit of your dream is causing you to miss out on everyday things that you used to take for granted. That is why it is so important to take the time out to make sure that you celebrate your successes and spend time with your friends and family. Plan for the future, but don’t forget to live for today either. You don’t want to feel miserable while you are working hard to achieve your dream.

Your Family And Friends Can Help

Sometimes, you can lose the feeling of being grounded while you are trying to achieve your goals. Your family and friends can be a great tool to help you maintain your balance while you strive to become a better version of yourself. Talk to your closest friends and family about your goals. They’ll help you stay grounded, give you someone to bounce opinions off of, and of course, being around people you enjoy will relieve your stress. Making sure you cultivate those close relationships is a big part of staying in the present moment.

Regina Fasold, PCC
Executive Coach

Regina Fasold is a seasoned Executive Coach and Leadership Expert. Her extensive professional background and her 10+ years of experience as a Global Executive Coach have allowed her to assist over 300 senior executives in corporations throughout the United States and in over 25 countries around the world.

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