Why Do Most Businesses Fail?

It’s quite common that most new businesses fail and a lot of people still don’t understand why that is. It isn’t for lack of effort! Small business owners are among the hardest workers out there. But even with seemingly good economic conditions, a large percentage of new businesses fail. There are a multitude of reasons [...]

Stop Overthinking And Start Taking Action

Overthinking is one of the biggest problems that we don’t really talk about. Overthinking ultimately stops us from taking action, and too much of it can be bad for our mental health. Everyone faces challenges in life. These problems might arise in relationships, at work, or at school. But when we start overthinking, we start [...]

How To Be A Leader In A Rapidly Changing World

The world is constantly changing. In today’s digital and interconnected world, we’re seeing cultures from around the world collide. Technology makes instant communication possible, but it also brings new challenges that we have to deal with on a daily basis. The old concept of leadership—where a boss sits atop the ladder and barks orders to [...]

What You Can Do When You Get Screwed Over

Everyone has had a moment where things didn’t go their way because of outside factors that they couldn’t control. Perhaps you had a project lined up, but the other party backed out at the last minute. Maybe you thought that you had a promotion sealed, but it was denied at the last minute. Maybe you [...]

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How To Succeed In A Crowded Industry

If you are deciding to make a go of it in a crowded industry, it can definitely be difficult to get going. Especially if you don’t have the same financial resources as other players in your industry. The good news is that just because the industry might be crowded doesn’t mean that you can’t find [...]