How To Sell Others On Your Ideas

Not everyone is born with the touch of a seasoned marketer or salesman. Unfortunately, this can lead to some difficulties when you are trying to sell your boss on a new idea. Or perhaps you are trying to attract investors for a new venture you need capital for. Although the concept of selling executives on [...]

Maintaining Your Creativity In A Corporate World

Being a creative person and embracing your inner creativity can help you release stress and tension. Whether you enjoy drawing, painting, singing, fashion, or writing, creativity is a critical part of the human experience. However, all too often in corporate environments, we are told that creativity is actually a liability. We are told to restrain [...]

Good Intentions and Good Results Are Different Things

Everyone starts in the coaching business with good intentions. Everyone wants to succeed and grow their coaching practice, and everyone wants to help people. That’s the easy part. If good intentions were all it took to become successful, then there would be a lot more successful coaches out there making money expanding their practices. So [...]

Embracing Being The Underdog

When you are starting your business, it is likely that you aren’t going to have the same number of resources, connections, or money as the established big names in your industry. The odds are that you are going to start your company as a small business, and over time as you grow, you can build [...]

5 Things That Successful People Do

Everyone wants to be successful, but not everyone knows the habits of successful people. Successful individuals set themselves apart not just by their talent, but by their habits and the things that they do every single day. Talent can only get you so far—it is the routines and habits that successful people keep that get [...]