Finishing The Year Strong

If you started the year with a New Year’s Resolution that you haven’t come close to meeting, you aren’t alone. Plenty of people haven’t achieved what they set out to do this year. But you can’t let that get you down. It is important to re-evaluate your goals mid-year and, if necessary, determine which are [...]

Stop Wasting Time And Start Taking Action

It is so easy to fall into a routine in life. Sometimes we kind of fall into a routine and stop working towards our dreams. And once we stop striving and start settling, breaking out of this pattern can be extremely difficult. There are plenty of people who have fallen into a routine, and are [...]

Remaining Committed To Your Goals Is A Process

There’s a saying that everyone wants to emulate the outcome, but nobody wants to emulate the process. That’s because everyone sees the positive outcome—the new business that is exploding onto the scene, the star athlete winning accolades, the prized student winning awards and academic scholarships. But very few people see the process, the hard work, [...]