Why Financial Planning For Your Coaching Business is So Critical

When it comes to running your business, financial planning is absolutely critical. For example, if you choose a financing option that doesn’t fit with your long-term needs, you can find your business saddled with debt and unable to pay it back, limiting your operations and making it a challenge to grow. There are plenty of [...]

How Improved Executive Presence Can Improve Productivity

When it comes to being an executive, efficiency is the name of the game. Executives need to find new ways to make the businesses that they run more productive, because productivity drives growth that benefits everyone—customers and employees alike. Most people know that executives are tasked with managing employee roles and a company’s day to [...]

Improve your Performance at Work with Performance Coaching

Getting an Objective Evaluation of Your Work Performance When it comes to work performance, it is difficult for anyone to give themselves an objective evaluation. Yet, an unbiased view of work performance is the starting point for figuring out what you need to improve and a coach can help. That’s where a Performance Coach comes in. [...]

Achieving Business Growth with Business Development Coaching

Developing Your Business Requires An Objective Eye Developing your business on your own can be a difficult proposition. Not only do you have to deal with customers, suppliers, and competition on a daily basis, but you also have to worry about taxes, government regulation, and other more “hidden” costs of doing business. It’s easy to [...]

Is a Bully Worth the Investment of an Executive Coach?

Who doesn’t know the typical scenario - You’re in a leading role and one of your direct reports has an overly aggressive work/leadership style, or even worse, you work under a bully who is leaving “dead bodies” along the way wherever he/she goes. The other day I had an interesting conversation with the head of [...]