The Power of Finding a New Hobby

Feeling bored or lonely? You don’t need to restructure your entire life or make a big change. Perhaps the only thing that you need is a new hobby. A hobby can sound like something small, but for many people, hobbies provide joy and allow them to take part in activities with friends. A hobby can be something small, like an art class. Or it can be something a bit more strenuous, like running a marathon. Hobbies can be a powerful tool for improving your mental health and helping to keep you interacting with other people. Hobbies relieve stress and give you an outlet when things get tough at your job or in your personal life. If you are a bit stressed or feeling like you need a friend, you may want to think about trying out a new hobby.

Hobbies Relieve Stress

Hobbies are a fantastic way to relieve stress. We build up stress throughout our lives for all types of reasons, not just related to work. There may be family issues or relationship problems that you just need some time to get away from. Hobbies are a great way to do that, because they are constructive and promote positive growth. Sometimes, people who are stressed may attempt to cope with negative behavior such as drinking, drugs, or other toxic methods. A hobby like weight lifting or jogging can be a great substitute and can actually leave you feeling better afterwards.

Hobbies Are A Great Way To make New Friends

One of the big complaints of the internet era is that people are feeling lonelier than ever. Hobbies are actually a great way for you to make friends and get out of your comfort zone. If you start going to a weekly painting class, chances are you are going to make some new friends who can show you the ropes. The same goes for weekend basketball games or book clubs. Having friends to chat with can keep you feeling happy and emotionally satisfied. It’s great for your mental health.

It’s Great To Have An Escape From Work And Personal Pressures

Being able to have an outlet from your job and personal relationships is important. You don’t want to be thinking about those things every second of every single day. Hobbies can provide you with a great way to escape for a few hours and think about something else that makes you feel positive and rejuvenated.

Hobbies are a fantastic way for you to make new friends. They’re also a great way to keep stress at bay and to improve your mental health. Hobbies can be pretty much anything you want—from weightlifting, to joining a book club, to mentoring young kids. It is healthy for everyone to have hobbies where they can take some time away from thinking about work or personal pressures. If you are feeling bored or a bit lonely, think about if you need some new hobbies in your life. You’d be surprised how passionate you can become at trying something new.

Regina Fasold, PCC
Executive Coach

Regina Fasold is a seasoned Executive Coach and Leadership Expert. Her extensive professional background and her 10+ years of experience as a Global Executive Coach have allowed her to assist over 300 senior executives in corporations throughout the United States and in over 25 countries around the world.

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