Building a Successful

Coaching Business!

From coaches to coaches, we are committed to your success! For over a decade we have collected valuable resources, tools and approaches that were critical for us to build a successful coaching firm. Today we are proud to share these resources with other certified coaches who are serious about building a successful coaching practice! To take your coaching business to the next level start by watching the video "The Nature of Change"!

The Nature of Change

Leading people through their times of change is what coaches do, but we all know that change is never easy, and at times it appears that we are rather resistant to change! Develop a deeper understanding of the natural relationship between humans and change, and discover the real source of our apparent resistance to change!

Your Next Step - Take a Free Assessment!

Taking the learning from "The Nature of Change" and "Overcoming Procrastination" a step further, take the  complimentary survey to assess your readiness and likelihood of success when building a coaching business! To start click on the links below:

Personal Self-Management

Business Building - Part 1

Business Building - Part 2

Develop a Strong Personal Foundation


Weekly Business Building Webinars

Here is a brief overview of some of our business development programs available to certified coaches:
  • Mastering Personal Change 
  • Why clients don't sign up for coaching after a free coaching session!
  • MasterStream Sales Essentials (4 x 90 minute webinars)
  • Building a Career that Matter (52 weeks program)
  • A Lifetime of Leads
  • Becoming a Finisher in a World of Starters
  • Pride Based Leadership
Coaches can access these programs and participate in our weekly webinars after logging into their account.
Coaches who wish to become certified professionals in our sales and business building programs have options. Please contact us for more information on how to become a
  • Certified ChangeManagement Professional / Trainer
  • Certified Pride Based Leadership Trainer
  • Certified MasterStream Sales Trainer

A Wealth of other Resources You don't Want to Miss!



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