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Cassi Christiansen

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I’m very proud to hold the distinction of MCC, which is the highest level of coach credentialing in the world.  I’m also a Professional Mentor Coach (PMC) which means I train, coach and mentor others who want to do what I do.  My work has been featured in The NY Times & Blo


I have been coaching leaders for over 20 years and I absolutely love what I do.  I'm honored to be a Success Partner in transforming the lives of my clients and their organizations. My work spans the globe and industry size and type.  From the Big 4 to the solo-preneur, and what I’ve found is, every person really wants the same things; to be valued, to make a difference and to be seen and heard for their unique contributions, gifts and talents.  My job is to help people ignite their inner brilliance and shine it into our world more vividly and vibrantly.  All while creating unimaginable results and doing it in a way that is energizing, fun and full of ease.      
Before I started Ulumination, I spent 14 years in the corporate world, working my way up from an entry-level position answering the phone to becoming the first female Vice President.  This was my vision and I made it happen.  Only problem was, I made it happen and then I wasn’t happy... more like I was miserable!  Thankfully this experience prepared me perfectly for doing what I now love… Supporting leaders to live and lead authentically, powerfully and soulfully. 

A client once said my experience in the business world coupled with my deep spiritual connection and intuition is a rare combination of intellect and heart.  My presence, gift of wisdom, compassion and insight acts as a guiding light to people who are ready to move forward, take action and experience extraordinary results in both business and life.   I think that sums me up pretty well…

Coaching Specialty

I love working with Leaders!  And leadership in my opinion is not about your title and/or role, its if you choose to SEE yourself as a Leader.  Leadership is not about WHERE you show up on the org chart, but HOW you show up.  I love working with leaders who are successful, smart, creative, inspired, passionate, visionary and committed to making a difference.  They not only believe they can transform their organizations and the world… they do so on a regular basis.

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