Samantha Amit

Leadership Coach

, IL


Business Coach, Career Coach, Leadership Coach


Samantha coaches and consults with managers and business owners to create unique winning strategies for success through clarity and implementation of what is needed to thrive, and by developing the necessary skills and processes for winning at work and in life.

Samantha Amit

Additional Certifications & Licenses & Languages

Mindfulness  Trainer (MBSR)

Emotional Intelligence Training

Supervisor for Coaches



She is an internationally accredited professional coach and founder of The Center for Development and Leadershipwith  a conscious management model, ACT – Achieve- Collaborate- Thrive at its core.  ACT emphasizes powerful elements such as strategy, mindfulness, productivity structure, collaboration, creativity, empowerment, and focus.
Samantha coaches and supervises as a faculty member of the Adlerian Coaching School in Israel as well as being faculty member of IPCTI - Individual Psychology Coach Training International.  She plays an active role with the Israeli Coaching Council, the professional body developing standards and ethics for the coaching industry in Israel.
Samantha compliments coaching with workshops and facilitated trainings within organizations and businesses.

Coaching Specialty

Samantha Specializes in increasing productivity and relisience with a brain based neuroscience approach

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