Lisa Northey

Leadership Coach

Mazama, WA, US


Career Coach, Business Coach, Life Coach, Leadership Coach


Drawing on more than 25 years working in small businesses, non-profits and the corporate environment, I am an ICF-certified career coach and solopreneur working with and supporting smart, curious and driven careerists committed to re-imagining their work world; changing careers or starting a small business.

Lisa Northey

Additional Certifications & Licenses & Languages

Certified Technical Editor and Writer


Lisa is a corporate refugee--now a leadership and career coach--helping others navigate our ever-changing and complicated work world. She recognizes that many of us make career decisions as younger selves, only to wake up suddenly to the fact that we're no longer the same--and our jobs no longer fit. In her twenty-five year career, she's been a waitress, bartender, greenhouse manager, landscape designer, groundskeeper, printing press operator/manager, fulfillment center manager--and a corporate marketing ladder-climber for fifteen years. She's had many successes but as she adds facial lines,  a gray hair (or two), and wisdom alongside her professional accomplishments, her own definition of success has changed. Instead, focusing on her strengths and passions and living by her values--and wearing all of her hats readily and joyfully--is fundamental to her happiness and sense of fulfillment. Family time, freedom, flexibility and controlling her own destiny (and schedule) is the currency she values most. Lastly, but not leastly, she  enjoys a strong cup of locally-roasted coffee and a hard run in gently falling rain.

Coaching Specialty

Career transitions, leadership and small business coaching is where I'm choosing to focus my coaching today.

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