Mónica Albuja

Leadership Coach

Madrid, ES


Leadership Coach, Business Coach, Executive Coach, Performance Coach


I´m the CEO of HALO and a Innovative Strategist Coach. PCC (Professional Certified Coach) by ICF (International Coaching Federation) and Senior Ontological Coach by Rafael Echeverria and Julio Olalla (Newfield). ​

Mónica Albuja

Additional Certifications & Licenses & Languages

Team Mentoring. 
Systemic Coaching. 
NPL  Master Practitiones: Richard Brandler School´14
Horse Coaching Specality
Team Coaching . 
Advanced  Ontological Coach 
Ontological Coach Bachelor . 


I have a deep passion for exploring how communication is influencing and improving the way we work, communicate, and relate with each other in other to get the results we always want. As the Founder of HALO, a Company created to upgrade HR´s  value, I provide clients with in-depth research and reflections to understand strategic opportunities and improve their business while growing sales through organizational coaching and relational communication.  
I also design enhanced high impact coaching programs and present management&coaching seminars and workshops for professionals and teams.
I have spent the past 18 years working effectively with many top companies and CEOs, executives, managers and entrepreneurs. My coaching clients verify a qualifying increase of their professional and personal lives, demonstrating an expansion in accountability, leadership, efficiency, productivity, happiness and well balanced state of mind.
I previously worked for the marketing sector as Marketing Director in Companies such as Coca Cola, Procter&Gamble, Campari and Sol Meliá.

Coaching Specialty

Professional executive and accredited coaching 
Leadership Coaching
High Development Team Coaching
Team Mentoring Effectiveness
Organizational Coaching Management
Relational Communication
Human Value Development
Business Corporate Innovation
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