Business Coach



Business Coach, Executive Coach, Leadership Coach, Performance Coach, Relationship Coach


Diana has extensive expertise in Leadership Coaching, Executive Coaching, training High Performing Teams,  Team Coaching, and Organizational Development Consultation. 


Additional Certifications & Licenses & Languages

Has taken ICF approved certifications by MCC Coaches   in "story coach" managment  coaching, team coaching  Mastering  Coaching Skills and others , Speaks fluent English and her maiden language is Spanish


Drawing from a deep understanding of how people relate to learning and change, human behavior and organizational structure, Diana coaches leaders primarily Director level and above. 

Diana has extensive proven success in enhancing team business performance through design and facilitation of innovative solutions. In addition to individual and team coaching, 

Diana offers seminars and programs on topics ranging from: Effective Communication; Management and Leadership Skills for Managers; Organizational Culture Change; Effective Team Building; and Emotional Intelligence.

Diana holds a bachelor´s degree in special education, specialization in instructional design and human development and two masters degrees one in education and the second in coaching. She has profound experience in working with executives, team and processes. As a result of working with handicapped people, she acquired a special sense of the immense capacity of each individual, she coordinates a coaching training program for blind persons at an ICF approved program. 

Diana is characterized for having great capacity for understanding how networks and conversations work in an organization, therefore distinguishing their needs and the way they relate in different aspects. What distinguished her is the human touch based on her strong ethics and commitment to her clients. She has a great capacity to listen, discovering hidden beliefs and paradigms. Her objectivity and sensibility acquired over years of experience invites clients into a process of self-knowledge of their personal and leadership areas of growth. She constantly challenges clients into moving from comfort zones and discovering new areas of opportunity. 

  • Specialization in Human Development Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico, and instructional Design MATAJ Israel
  • MA, Masters in Coaching at Universidad de Londres, ICF
  • Masters in Education UNAM, Mexico
  • BA, Special Education Universidad de las Americas, Mexico

Coaching Specialty

Leadership, organizational,  executive, team coaching 

Diana´s coaching experience spans organizations in diverse industries, including Financial Services, Insurance, Pharmaceutical, Consumer Products, Retail, Media and Entertainment, Transportation, Non-Profit and Healthcare in Mexico, She is fluent in both English and Spanish and is certified to administer and interpret a wide variety of personality assessments and inventories. She has broad experience in national and multinational companies such as: CPW/ Nestlé, Nestle HR Mexico, Managment team, Bacardi, Glaxo SmithKline, Interjet, Novartis, Interjet, Quálitas, Estrella Roja, Baker-Tilly, Liverpool, Nu-Skin, Bituaj insurance group, Ingenia Muebles, Universidad de Londres, ATA (Fisioterapias Hospitales Grupo Ángeles).


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