Helle Hegelund

Leadership Coach

Denver, CO, US


Leadership Coach, Life Coach, Executive Coach, Career Coach


I am an international Coach and Consultant.   The mission of my coaching  is to help individuals and organizations in finding and cultivating their strengths and developing areas of competences that can support them in reaching their goals.   

Helle Hegelund

Additional Certifications & Licenses & Languages

 Certified in a number of assessment test s such as MBTI step I and II, Emotional  Intelligence, Belbins Team Roles.


More about me and my experience at  www.hegelundconsulting.com

Coaching Specialty

I am a certified Integral Coach  graduated from  New Venture West, San  Francisco and  ACC, Associate Certified Coach, International Coach Federation. 

I work with  individuals  in  areas such as: 

Building self confidencee

Improving  communication skills

Improving the emotional skills

Better work -life balance

Improving leadership skills

Identify new career  opportunities



Helping the client identify what is standing in the way of  making important changes and finding strategies for  developing  new skills and competencies to make those changes


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