Vicki Johnson

Life Coach

Bend, OR, US


Life Coach, Career Coach, Health & Wellness Coach


I have always had a passion to help people help themselves.  As a coach I  help clients achieve their dreams and goals by providing them with  a coaching experience that elicits  insight, inspiration, empowerment, directon and perseverance.

Vicki Johnson

Additional Certifications & Licenses & Languages

I am a certified Life and Wellness Coach. I have been certified as a coach by Mentor Coach, the Board of Certified Coaches and the International Coaching Federation. I  am a certified Expressive Arts Therapist and a retired Mental Health Therarpist with a Masters in Counseling.


I have been a teacher, a women's advocate,  a mental health coordinator, a mental health therapist and now a life and wellness coach. I am also an artist and believe in the ablility of everyone to be creative. Using that innate ability we can design our life to be more of what we want. Once we become aware of what it is we really want. The problem is we have been so conditioned to believe that we want is what we see marketed as the thing to have. Our social image of what a perfect life looks like is not realistic for most of us.  

Coaching Specialty

I work with clients who are experiencing a life change or have a need to make a change in their lives. It may be leaving a job, finding a new job, experiencing a life transition, leaving a relationship, etc. They need clarity and a sense of where they are going next. Some of my clients want to achieve certain goals such as losing weight, getting healthy,  becoming more organized, or improving a relationship at work or at home.

I am a strength-based coach, I help clients rediscover through their life stories, their strengths and values, thus opening them up to what is truly possible.  To help clients move through their blocks I use several different strength-based approaches; Narrative Coaching, Positive Psychology Coaching, and Expressive Arts Coaching. Working within the creative process allows my clients to bypass the rational mind and to re-connect with their authentic, intuitive knowing of who they are and what they want.


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