Jane Lelean

Business Coach

Aylesbury, GB


Business Coach, Executive Coach, Leadership Coach, Career Coach, Performance Coach


Ruthlessly compassionate, doing what it takes to help you make your good business great. Jane is perfect if you want More clients More money More time More relaiable team Butter quality of life Rapid and sustainable results.  

Jane Lelean

Additional Certifications & Licenses & Languages

In addition to  holding Professional Coach certification  (PCC) withe the International Coach Federation,  Jane has the following qualifications

BDS (U.LOND)  (Dentistry)

Master of NLP

Certified trainer of NLP



Jane came to business coaching over 10 years ago, initially as a client,  the process helped her traisform a  failing business into an extremely profitable one  in an incredibly short period of time. Jane subsequently sold this business and now devotes her time to her coaching business and  the charites she supports.

Jane now works with business owners helping them make their good businesses great. Jane works with small owner managed businesses through to award winning international companies with a turnover exceeding £3million.

Janes clients are based in the UK, Europe, USA, New Zealand, and Australia, and she successfully helps  clients like you  using  the internet and Skype.

Jane's client base includes  over 70 different  market sectors  including, 

  •  Dentists and other healthcare professionals,
  • Property developers, 
  • Finance and banking
  • Garden designers
  • Graphic designers
  • Artists
  • Automotive industry
  • Professional  athletes
  • Charities
  • Members of the Royal Househld

Whatever filed of business  Jane will coach you to where you want to be.

Jane  is able to offer you 1-2-1,  coaching, workshops,  In-house training and webinars to ensure you achieve your outcomes.

Outside the working environment  janes passions and hobbies include 

  • Running - she is due to complete her first marathon in London 2016 on behalf of Dentaid.
  • Horse riding
  • Food, nutrition and cooking - Jane is an  aspiring vegan
  • Travel, recent destinations have included New Zealand, Vietnam, , Bali.   Next year plans are to visit Cambodia and India is on the wishlist.

Jane looks forward to hearing from you and   working with you so that you can achieve all that you want to be, do and have.


Coaching Specialty

Jane loves working with owner managed businessess at specific stages of their development

  • Start up
  • Transformation
  • Preparation for sale

What stage are you at?

Jane will work wih you in the 10 essentail areas to run a sustainably successful business;

  • Creating a values based vision
  • Planning time to succeed
  • The numbers that count
  • Dream team works
  • ACE customer service
  • Money making Marketing
  • Customer Centred Sales - BEST CHOICES
  • Cores products and services
  • Systematic success
  • Inspirational Leadership in practice
  • Is the way you are working, working? 

One of Jane's areas of speciality is personal coaching  through health issues,  where clients have been give an diagnosis or been told  that a condition is incurable and   you are not satisfied with that  answer. This may include, eczema, diabetes,  chronic pain,  anxiety, phobias, migranes,   etc.


How can jane help you?


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