Brenda Abdilla

Career Coach

Wheat Ridge, CO, US


Career Coach, Executive Coach, Leadership Coach, Business Coach


If you are ready to move your career forward you have come to the right place. I work one to one with people in high level careers who feel overwhelmed and trapped by their professional circumstances--and I work with teams who are ready to lead with conviction, clarity and far better communication.

Brenda Abdilla

Additional Certifications & Licenses & Languages

  • Certified  Emotional Intelligence Facilitator
  • Certified DiSC Facilitator 
  • Certified  Birkman Method Facilitator
  • Certified Enneagram  Facilitator 
  • Licenced  Facilitator Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team


Brenda Abdilla is the founder of Management Momentum LLC and a PCC level Professional Certified Coach, a distinction shared by less than 35% of all coaches worldwide. For over 13 years, Brenda traveled the world as a professional speaker, business consultant and executive recruiter, working with thousands of top-level professionals in the areas of sales, management and leadership.

Since founding Management Momentum in 2004, Brenda has developed a wide portfolio of options for clients who want to navigate career changes and job promotions, increase productivity, improve leadership skills and remove obstacles in the way of moving forward. Through coaching, workshops, programs and assessments, Brenda helps clients reach their desired outcomes sooner rather than later. If you would like to feel more engaged, challenged, energized, fulfilled and certain about your career direction, you can sign up for a sample   session with Brenda .

Brenda’s new book, What’s Your Lane?  Career clarity for moms who want to work a little, a lot or not at all is now available for moms in career-question mode.

Coaching Specialty

  • Career transition for those in high level, high stakes specialties
  • Career alignment for more meaning, more time freedom and more control over outcomes
  • Leadership  acceleration strategies  for new roles, changes from M&A and  managing up
  • Time overwhelm  due to  in-human workload, family and conflicting priorities
  • Alignment  of values as it relates to work, life and  meaning (without the guilt) 
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