Requirements to Join

Committed to coaching clients' success aims to help clients find the qualified coach they deserve! The coaching industry is "unregulated" and everyone can claim to be a coach. Future coaching clients looking for sustainable coaching results must be very critical when hiring a coach!
At we are doing the home-work for clients! For coaches to join the coaching platform they have to be  trained and certified in coaching skills!

Definition of Certified Coach

The Global Guild of Certified Coaches defines CERTIFIED* coach as a coach who is in the process of completion or has completed a minimum of a recognized foundational coach skills training with a skills certification from an accrediting body such as ICF, ICF accredited coach training organizations, or the equivalent (see below, list may be incomplete and expanded over time)! 
ICF's formal ACC, PCC or MCC credential is not mandatory to join, but the Guild recommends that coaches continue to develop their skills, and therefore aim for these type of higher credentials!
Contact us with any certification questions!

What's Required of Coaches to Post their Profile:

  1. Coach must be trained in Foundational Coaching Skills.
  2. Coach must have completed basic Coach Training & Certification (coaching credential must be uploaeded to profile!).
  3. Coach honors the Code of Ethics & Confidentiality in Coaching.
  4. No complaints have ever been filed with an Ethic's and Complaints Board of a global coaching association.
  5. Elite Members Only - Coach must be trained, skilled and experienced in advanced coaching skills!

What's Required of Coaches to Apply for an Elite Membership:

Elite Level Membership is Reserved for the "Best of the Best" and Limited to 100 Coaches!
  1. Elite Coaches are experienced coaches who have stood the test of time!
  2. They hold advanced coaching certifications and are highly skilled and experienced in moving clients past limitations and through transitions!
  3. Elite Coaches must be a member in good standing with a globally recognized coaching association.
  4. They honor the “Code of Ethics & Confidentiality” of a globally recognized coaching association.
  5. Elite Coaches have been full-time coaches for a minimum of 5 years.
  6. They carry professional liability insurance specifically issued for coaches.
  7. Elite Coaches have provided us with 3 client contacts for feedback about their coaching success.
  8. They are interviewed by us about their coaching experience, approach, methods, specialty and typical results clients can expect.

While we do everything in our power to find the best coaches in the world, we ask that coaching clients use their own best judgment when hiring a coach! does not make recommendations and is not involved in the hiring or coaching process!

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