FAQ for Coaches


What is CertifiedCoaches.com

CertifiedCoaches.com is the free coach referral system provided by The Global Guild for Certified Coaches!
This high-end platform was developed exclusively for certified, i.e. credentialed and skilled professional coaches! The Guild supports certified coaches in their quest to get in front of coaching clients, build successful coaching businesses, and to ensure that individuals and businesses who are looking for a professional coach have free and easy access to certified, skilled and credentialed coaches who know how to create sustainable results! 
By joining the Guild's free referral system, certified coaches are partnering with a high-end coaching platform created to set certified coaches apart from imposters! 
Through CertifiedCoaches.com, clients can directly connect with a coach via SMS Chat, or they can browse the platform, save a profile, or post a coaching request on a secure and confidential page. The service ensures that coaching clients can connect with professional coaches like never before; easy, for free, and without restrictions from the platform or the Guild!

Our Definition of a Certified Coach

The Guild defines CERTIFIED* coach as a coach who is in the process of completion or has completed a minimum of recognized foundational coach skills training with a skills certification from an accrediting body such as ICF, ICF accredited coach training organizations, or the equivalent (see below, the list is incomplete and can expand)! 
ICF's formal ACC, PCC or MCC credential is not mandatory to join, but the Guild recommends that coaches continue to develop their skills, and therefore aim for these types of higher credentials!
Contact us with any certification questions!

How can I grow my coaching business?

Coaches on a Basic or Premium Membership plan are invited to participate in our free marketing & sales training webinars exclusively developed for non-sales professionals! Introduction to this customized sales approach can be found on the the password protected "My Business Development" page. For more information please login or contact us. 

What is the purpose of CertifiedCoaches.com?

The Global Guild of Certified Coaches developed www.CertifiedCoaches.com as a tool to increase awareness, understanding and impact of professional coaching! The Guild's mission is to strengthen professional coaches and the coaching industry by setting trained, credentialed and skilled coaches apart from those who simply call themselves "coach" but chose not to put themselves through basic coach training, let alone advanced competencies training, or the long and rigorous training and credentialing path which leads to a globally recognized ACC, PCC or MCC credential! In everything The Guild and CertifiedCoaches.com does, we strive to support professional credentialed coaches and their clients to achieve sustainable results!

How do potential coaching clients use the directory? 

We are making it easy for potential coaching clients to find a professional Coach! 
When using our directory, prospects can contact coaches directly and for free via: 
  • Searching by criteria (expertise, language, gender, location, and keyword) 
  • Saving and comparing coaches 
  • Chatting with coaches who are online 
  • Requesting proposals from up to 5 coaches 
  • Contacting coaches directly for a free consultation 
Check out the video walk-through of the directory we provide to visitors. 

How will I be notified of a client request? 

1. Potential coaching clients can contact you directly for a free consultation! 
  • You will receive an email with their contact information and short description of their needs. 
2. You have access to each request for proposal! 
  • You will receive an email with a description of what potential clients are looking for in a coach 
  • All requests for proposals show up in the "Client Requests" tab in My Account 

What is the price of membership? 

Visit our Membership Page to find out more.

Click the titles to watch step-by-step tutorials! 

There are two ways to sign up. You can Create Your Free Coach Profile and then check out our Membership Packages, or you can join directly from the Membership Page
If you can't remember your password, click "Login" in the right-hand corner and click the orange "I've forgotten my password" link. Enter your email and hit "Recover" to receive an email with a link where you can create a new password.
If you are simply looking to change your password, login and select "Settings" on the My Account side menu. A drop-down menu will appear allowing you to access the "Change Password" page. 
To upgrade, login and select "Upgrade/Downgrade" on the My Account side menu. Select the package you wish to switch to and hit the Upgrade button. 
Login to your account and click "Profile" on the My Account sidebar. A drop-down menu will appear revealing all of your profile settings. Click "My Picture" to choose your file and click Upload. Then you will crop your image as desired and click the Set Picture button.  
Login to your account and click "Profile" on the My Account sidebar. A drop-down menu will appear revealing all of your profile settings. Click "Short Details" to select your Expertise, Years of Experience, Specialties, and Level of Certification. Underneath you certification level, you can choose your coaching certificate document and hit Upload. Lastly, choose your languages and hit Submit. 
Login to your account and click "Profile" on the My Account sidebar. A drop-down menu will appear revealing all of your profile settings. Click "Videos" and hit the "Add Video" button. Fill in your title, select whether it is from Youtube or Vimeo, paste the video ID (the series of numbers or letters and numbers at the end of the URL), then hit Save. 
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