How We Differ From Other Directories!

We have strict REQUIREMENTS to join. To keep quality high, and to ensure that coaching clients can choose from the best coaches in the world, only certified and credentialed coaches are admitted to join
We support coaching clients, professional coaches, and coach training institutes alike! Knowing what is important to everyone the Guild aims to provide a unique service which fulfills the needs of the coaching community as a whole! This is how we are different:
  • Exclusive and limited to certified coaches only! 
  • verifies or denies membership for quality control!
  • doesn't take commission!
  • is free for coaching clients, too!
  • does not get involved in the hiring or coaching process!
  • doesn’t force coaches into an expensive membership to respond to a request!
  • Coaching clients can save coach profiles to review later!
  • Coaching clients can chat with online coaches!
  • Coaching clients can post a coaching request on a secure page (visible to coaches only)! 
  • Coaching clients can send a request for 5 coaching proposals!
  • Coaching clients can contact a coach directly!
  • Coaching requests can be viewed on a secured page by all coaches!

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