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To guarantee highest professional coaching standards Elite memberships are available by application only. Elite members are coaches who meet the highest professional standards in terms of training, certification, and experience! Elite members are verified by and must fulfill the following requirements:
  • Coach has been operating a legitimate coaching business for at least 5 years!
  • Coach must provide proof of advanced training, certification and credentials!
  • Coach must provide at least 3 client contacts to call upon for references!
  • Coach must carry professional liability insurance coverage!
  • Coach must confirm there have never been any complaints filed with any Board of Ethics & Complaints!
  • Coach must be in good standing with a globally recognized coaching association!

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Regina Fasold, PCC, MBA, Psychologist

Executive Coach


A seasoned Executive Coach, Leadership Expert and Executive Team Coach, my extensive background in management and leadership combined with 12+ years of coaching experience have allowed me to coach over 500 senior executives and their teams to enhanced executive  disposition, improved communication, advanced leadership skills, and greater bottom line effectiveness!  Elite Verified: February 10th 2015

Claudia Nuber

Executive Coach


Coaching with me enhances your personal & professional personality.  Use it best to:  re-gain a clear focus on what you are really dealing with / grow your leadership ability significantly / improve decision making & conflict solving skills / increase managerial & entrepreneurial competence / realize & use your potential to the maximum / enhance your resilience & work-life-balance / learn how to be the best possible you - in any circumstance :). Try it!  Elite Verified: June 25th 2015

Brenda Abdilla

Career Coach


If you are ready to move your career forward you have come to the right place. I work one to one with people in high level careers who feel overwhelmed and trapped by their professional circumstances--and I work with teams who are ready to lead with conviction, clarity and far better communication.  Elite Verified: November 17th 2015

Dr. James S. Vuocolo, MCC, CEC, PMC

Executive Coach


For over 25 years I have partnered with busy professionals and executives who want to attain greater effectiveness and fulfillment in life and work. I term what I do, “SoulBusiness”(tm), which I define as “Integrating who you are with what you do to create the results you want!" I'm happy to speak with you about the professional or personal results you desire.  Elite Verified: April 14th 2015

Grace Durfee, PCC, RMT

Life Coach


  As a Professional Certified Coach, Reiki Master Teacher, Certified Wellness Coach, Professional Mentor Coach & author, my work is all about helping busy professional women move from striving to thriving.  I do this in  by offering life and wellness coaching to facilitate positive change and  by providing Reiki training and treatments, to restore balance.  Elite Verified: June 25th 2015

Pam Thomas, M.S., PCC, RMT

Life Coach


I'm a  transformation specialist & intuitive who helps  AMAZING people “stuck in a rut”, out of that rut by discovering their "WHY".   Elite Verified: June 19th 2015

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